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CTC Ladder

Please read and agree to these rules and code of conduct before joining the ladder:

  • Box ladder is a ladder ranking, split up in multiple groups (boxes), provided by Tennis Canada
  • After each round, ie a month, players are regulated up or down, or remain unchanged in their group, based on their point results (wins and games played)
  • At the end of the season, the top 4 people in the top box will play in a single elimination bracket tournament to determine the year-end ladder winner
  • Match format is 8-game pro-set (first to 8, win by 2)
  • At 7-7, racquet toss to determine serve for the 7-point tie breaker
  • If booked off the court before the pro-set is complete, the winner is determined by the game-score at that time
  • 3 pts for a win, 2 pts for a tie, 1 pt for a loss
  • No shows most be reschedule to an agreed upon time by both parties
  • Following the match, it is the winner's responsibility to enter the score online
  • Encourage both players to verify the score before the winner inputs the score
Code of Conduct
  • All participants must be members of the Carp Tennis Club (all skill levels)
  • Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play, if there is a disagreement on a call, the point should be replayed
  • Players are solely responsible for finding/booking a court, please book on Skedda as "Ladder XX & YY" 1-hour booking process
  • Please leave the courts immediately if the hour is up and others have booked
  • Players will supply their own tennis balls, and they must be a good quality
  • Players are expected to be respectful towards opponents and grounds. Players demonstrating poor behaviour will be removed from the league

Follow these simple steps to join the ladder:

  1. Visit the Ontario Tennis Association's Registration page
  2. Read and agree to the Rules and Regulations
  3. Fill out your personal information. Note that only fields marked with * are mandatory
  4. Select “Recreational (Free)”, “ON National Capital”, and “Carp Tennis Club” for your membership details
  5. Create your account details and click "Submit"
  6. Once you have successfully created the account, you may now join the CTC Ladder!

Enjoy a friendly match!