The Carp Tennis Club (CTC) provides online booking of it’s tennis courts via Google Calendar.

All members wishing to use the booking must have a google account (you do not have to have gmail). If that email was provided during membership registration you will be assigned access. If not, your google account must be provided to requesting access.

There are 2 ways to access the calendars.

  1. From this page. At the bottom right corner click on GoogleCalendar. This will prompt you to login to access the calendar.
  2. Login to your Google account. Access the Calendar App (applications in upper right pull down).

Once in the calendar, under My Calendars (left side menu) there will be CTC - Court 1 Road side and CTC - Court 2 Gate side. Make sure they are selected. If there are any bookings on the courts, they will be displayed on the calendar. The colour indicates which court is booked, or click on the booking for further details.

To add your booking select CREATE (top left). Fill out as Follows:

  • Title: The names of at least 2 of the players.
  • Time: The hour you are playing. Both courts are booked on the hour, e.g. 1-2pm.
  • Calendar: select the court you are booking
  • SAVE your booking.

You may go back and edit or delete at any time.

Please follow the Booking Rules when booking a court. You may advance book for the week ahead up to 5 daily sessions. Please consult the new instruction board by the booking cabinet.

Have a great Match!

Legend Red text: Court 1 Road side
Green text: Court 2 Gate side