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Court Booking Rules

  • A booking must have the names of 2 members who will be playing that hour. The names must be entered at the time of the booking. If a booking does not contain the members' names, it is not a legitimate booking and may be subject to cancellation.
  • A group of 4 may book a court for doubles play for 2 consecutive hours. The first hour is to be booked using the names of 2 of the players and the second hour is booked using the other 2 names. All four players then may play doubles together for the 2 hour period.
  • Bookings are only to be made when a game is confirmed between all players involved.
  • Under any circumstances, a member may not have his/her name on the booking calendar more than twice each day.
  • Bookings may be made up to 1-week in advance. For example, courts may be booked on a Sunday for up to 7 days thereafter to the following Sunday.
  • If you cancel a game, please delete it from the booking site as soon as possible.

The Skedda booking system is relatively new for all members. Here are a couple of hints that will assist you in following the booking rules:

  • When you make a booking, the names of players are to be entered into the BOOKING TITLE box, second from the bottom on the booking form.
  • To cancel or edit a booking, use the drop-down arrow in the booking line on the booking calendar.