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Welcome to the 2021 Season!

Due to the continued craziness that is COVID we have some new rules and restrictions we all need to follow. Due to this we are keeping our reduced fees again until we can offer all the club activities we have in the past.


EVERY player must complete an online COVID screening each time they play. 

Yes this is tedious but it is essential that all our members do this for the club to remain open. 

You will find the QR code on the home page, where you can use to complete our online COVID screening.  This app retains the information for 30 days then it is deleted.

The QR code can also be found on the court gate,  club shed door and on the bulletin board beside the gate. 

Many cell phones have a QR scanner built into their camera.  For those that do not, you can download a free QR scanner from the google app store.  And for the full luddite in our mix there is a hard copy posted on the bulletin board beside the court gate.

***No more than a TOTAL of 5 people allowed on the courts at one time.  

This is for both courts NOT each court. 

See below or our website for booking rules. Note that court lights will be available starting May 1st at which point you are able to play up to 11pm.  Please make sure that  if you are the last player that you shut off the lights. The switch is on the pole just outside the gate.

On-court programming planned for IF COVID restrictions allow:

  • Junior and Adult ladder
  • Social player list
  • Tuesday night Club Night

Please review club rules below:

Tennis clubs

  • All structures/facilities including benches, picnic tables, storage sheds, washrooms and clubhouses remain closed 
  • Access is restricted to players only, no spectators
  • Limit congregating with other people when going to and from common areas
  • Caution should be taken around common touch points and proper hand hygiene should be practiced

Tennis play

  • Singles play ONLY: even if you are in the same household. (Hopefully this will change later in the season- We will let you know)
  • No lessons, organized programming, camps, tournaments or league play
  • Bring and use your own equipment (including tennis balls); no sharing, we suggest marking your tennis balls with your initials or something unique

Individual actions and precautions

  • ALL PLAYERS must complete a covid screening on each day of play
  • WIPE DOWN the gate handle when leaving the court
  • Wear a non-medical mask in public places to help limit the risk of spread to others if you will be less than 3 metres away from people other than members of your own household

Online Court Bookings

  • Please list the names of at least 2 players.
  • you can choose which court you want to play on (gate or road side)
  • bookings are for 1 hour on the hour for both courts
  • once you book you receive an email confirmation
  • you can only book 1 week in advance
  • Please respect your booking times
  • If players overlap we ask that waiting players remain outside of the courts

See you on the courts!

Your CTC committee